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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.0 on UNIX: no /bin directory in $CATALINA_HOME, and JSP compilation errors
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 21:34:16 GMT
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Daniel Gresh wrote:
> I've searched the web for information on Tomcat's directory structure.
> According to one page I found, Tomcat should have a /bin directory,
> which contains binary executables, such as, which I can use
> to restart Tomcat. When I navigate to my Tomcat installation, I can find
> no /bin directory. The only directories I have are conf, work, logs, and
> webapps. I assume this is a major problem.

It might not be.

How did you install Tomcat? If you used a version from a Linux
distribution (you didn't specify what "UNIX" meant) then the
installation paths can be all kinds of screwed up.

If you installed it yourself from a package from then you
/should/ have a bin directory as you describe.

Another possibility is that you are looking at CATALINA_BASE instead of
CATALINA_HOME and you are using a shared binary installation but looking
at the part that should be application-specific (see RUNNING.TXT in your
installation directory and read the "Advanced" section to understand
what I'm talking about).

> If so, should I re-install Tomcat (and update to Tomcat 6.0 while I'm at it)?

Since you are just starting out, I highly recommend getting either the
latest stable version (5.5) or the latest unstable version (6.0 --
apologies to the authors if 6.0 /is/ considered stable) and start there.

Unless there is a very compelling reason to stick with a version that
old, I'd advise you to upgrade.

> The relevant part of the error message is:
> org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSPNote:
> has been deprecated.

Wow, I've never see that before. I assume that you are using a rather
new version of Java (maybe JDK 1.5 or 1.6) with Tomcat 4.0. Tomcat 4.0
uses the old javac compiler and the newer ones use something else. It's
possible that if you are using Java 5 (JDK 1.5) or Java 6 (JDK 1.6) that
support has actually be completely removed for the old compiler invocation.

An upgrade to a move recent version of Tomcat will certainly help if I
have correctly identified the problem.

> I've checked my JDK version to make sure it supports generics,
> which it does. If this problem is not related to the first problem, I
> believe there may be a problem with my CLASSPATH variable. What exactly
> do I have to set this variable to so Tomcat can
> recognize the proper settings?

You can't change the CLASSPATH used by Tomcat (well, you /can/, but
there's no reason to do so). I think that your Tomcat version is killing
you, here.

Upgrade and try again. If you have problems at that point, feel free to
post another question.

- -chris

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