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From Bryan Basham <>
Subject Deadlock in Tomcat 5.5.20
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2007 17:34:33 GMT
Hi all,

This might not be the right forum for this.  Let em know if
I should post this to the tomcat-dev alias.


The problem we are experience is that occasionally Tomcat (5.5.20)
is deadlocking; see the attached output from a kill -3 on the tomcat

Has anyone seen this happen?  Did you discover why this is happening?
And most importantly: How did you fix it?


I am working on a project in which our architecture requires
"pluggable" modules.  In the first two iterations, we avoided that
requirement by building all modules into a single ROOT.war
webapp.  Now in this iteration we are "teasing apart" these into
separately loaded moduleXYZ.war files.

This has caused lots of headaches; especially around getting
JSF to handle cross-context (cross-webapp) navigation and
bean management.  We have pretty much solved the JSF issues,
some fixes required doing things like performing cross-context
dispatching and merging of JSF's RuntimeConfig objects from
each webapp ServletContext.  However, I don't see how any
of these changes would cause the deadlock.

Sincere thanks,

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