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From "Propes, Barry L [GCG-NAOT]" <>
Subject RE: multiple versions of TC
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 16:40:42 GMT
I've noticed now that occasionally the users and I will get a page not found error.

It's almost as if one version of tomcat is trying to be accessed while another one's running,
even though I'm not running both at the same time.

Maybe I need to go individually look for a process and kill it?

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Subject: Re: multiple versions of TC

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Propes, Barry L [GCG-NAOT] wrote:
> what does that entail? Just going and switching it in a properties
> file somewhere? Or making an entirely new properties file?

Take a look at the "Advanced" section of RUNNING.TXT in your Tomcat
installation directory. You can run more than one copy of Tomcat with
different server.xml files (and deployed webapps, etc.) at the same time.

Then, if you want to put Apache httpd out front, only a single mod_jk
config and file is needed. You just map each URL
space to a separate worker.

- -chris

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