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From Lena Breijer <>
Subject Accessing and managing html files in another sub domain
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2007 01:59:54 GMT

The first java web project I did was without using an IDE and old version that came with the
book in the class.  It was simple. I thought I had learned Tomcat - stick it all in webapps
and create web.xml ect. Then I upgraded, I am using the latest net beans 5.5 bundled with
apache Tomcat (down loaded from the java site)

 This new version is so much more complicated.  

So now I have a real project done on netbeans in Java with mysql on my computer modeling it
after the netbean tutorial projects.

It seems I have to ftp up the WAR file in order to make it work on the server.  
This is my problem. I am "upgrading" an existing web site with hundreds of html pages which
are either photo stories or video and more coming.  My application keeps their description
in an sql database which can be searched. My problem is where do I put these files - they
are like a data bases of html files.  Other people will be ftping more of them up, there will
probably end up to be 1000.
It has been suggested I put them in another "project".  I would like to put them in a sub
domain of the server, that way my project is safe from "les artistes" who are ftping.
If I do this how do I access them through my project in java JSP pages?  Can I modify them
to upgrade the links in the old pages?
When they link to these pages will I lose my session variables? I don't think so but then
I thought I knew what I was doing when I designed it initially.

Thank you for your time

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