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From wang suya <>
Subject Re: How can I realize server side GUI??
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 23:48:28 GMT

Hello Peter

   You are right. I want to make a graphical interface served form Web
server to a Web browser. It displays a sheet with serveral rectangle cells like
execl sheet and when I drag one cell the size of cell can change.
Thank you very much. Hope you can help me.

  Wang suya

Peter Crowther さんは書きました:
>> From: wang suya [] 
>>     I want to make a server side GUI application that draw
>> senveral Rectanges and when mouse drag the bottom of 
>> Rectange, the rectange
>> extends. Do anybody know how I can realize this appication.
>I assume by "server-side GUI" you mean "a graphical interface served
>from a Web server to a Web browser"?
>Depending on what you then wish to do with the data from the rectangles,
>you could do it entirely in Javascript or use one of the higher-level
>frameworks like AJAX.  Without more details on your requirements, it's
>difficult to tell.
>		- Peter
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wang suya

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