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From "Mirko Car" <>
Subject maximum number of connections/threads
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 20:44:25 GMT
We want to create large scale chat web application based on reverse Ajax 
(comet). I belive we need an open connection (thread) for every user.. 
so I wonder if there is explicit limit of concurrent connections to one 
instance of Tomcat server? 

I was testing this issue a little bit and it seems that, althougt I've set Max 
Threads to 9000, Tomcat server won't accept more than 300 concurrent 

I know there are some solutions around like coninuations introduced in Jetty 
6, but there's still no solution for Tomcat (at least not in version 5.5)? Or 
am I missing something? 

I would appreciate any answer to any of above questions. 




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