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From Markus Schönhaber <>
Subject Re: A junk file is downloaded when port number and connection scheme is mismatched in the URL
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 16:41:15 GMT
Please keep the discussion on the list.

Udayshankar A B. wrote:

> To give you a brief overview of the product we are building, it provides
> flexibility to the admins to configure their own port number to secure/un
> secure communication, of course modifying the server.xml file.
> (This comes with a disadvantage of port number to be specified for all the
> server requests.)

Sounds very weird to me since I don't see the point in changing the port 
numbers to non-default values. OTOH, it's your product, not mine. So I don't 
have to understand the advantage of doing this.

> Hence we should be able to handle this scenario of port and scheme
> mismatch, So I was wondering whether there is anyway we can handle this
> call to the tomcat and send a error page, to make things look more neat.

As I said before: as long as you expect the users to type the correct 
combination of protocol and port number, you're asking for trouble.
If it really is impossible for you to stick with the default port numbers, why 
don't you create something like a portal page with links that redirect the 
users to the real adresses (including the resp. port numbers) of your 
webapps? To make this portal page easily accessible for the users, you could 
enforce the existence of an additional HTTP Connector that listens on port 
Another idea might be to use httpd or the OS's feature to do the redirection 
from standard to non-standard port.


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