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From "Steve Ingraham" <>
Subject RE: [OT] RE: insight into
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 21:57:19 GMT
Yes all the code is here but I do not really know what I am looking at
when I see it.  In fact the source code for individual web pages and the
associated commands in the code is what I am trying to track down.  I
feel that if I can find the location of the web page code, the struts,
Java servlets, Java classes or whatever else was used in the creation of
this application I can decipher how, where and why each part of the web
page is doing whatever it is doing to the database.

I agree with your statement below but asking you guys about Tomcat is
currently my only real resource for assistance in learning what was done
here.  What I mean is, I have been reading everything I can online, I
have a "Learning Java" book that I am trying to read and understand, I
have enrolled in a Java class that is teaching me some basics of Java
coding.  But there is no one that I have any personal one on one contact
with that knows Java or Tomcat enough to give me any input or
explanation as to how things were created with this application.  I am
having to reverse engineer the code that was written, the Tomcat
application and how it works, the database schema that it all ties to
all while doing so without a good grasp of what I am seeing when I see

I appreciate all of you guys and your input as it serves to slowly allow
me to piece together how this all works.

> BTW, when you said your predecessor wrote this application do 
> you have the 
> source for this application? IMO, having the source and basic 
> understanding of struts are prerequisites if you want to be 
> able to make 
> any headway.
> Good luck,
> Cheers,
> --
> Haroon Rafique

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