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From "robert lazarski" <>
Subject Re: Can APR use verisign certs ?
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 17:32:24 GMT
On 1/9/07, Peter Crowther <> wrote:
> > From: robert lazarski []
> > However, on the client side I'm getting a "There's a
> > problem with the sites security certificate."  That's in IE6 , on
> > firefox I get a similair popup . We have registered the csr with
> > verisign. Is this solely a client side and verisign issue. Any clues ?
> Exactly what error is being given?  The three parts of the IE6 message
> are:
> - The cert isn't signed by a trusted root;
> - The cert isn't within its date range (too early or too late);
> - The cert is for a different host than the one the browser thinks it's
> contacting (this is often due to a typo in the CSR, or due to hosting
> multiple sites on the same box).
> Which of these is IE complaining about?
>                 - Peter

It says:

1) Cert is from a valid authority (good)
2) The ceritificate has expired or is not yet valid
3) The name on the certificate is invalid or does not match the name
of the site.

When I clicked to view the cert it says number 2 . Looking at the cert
it does say verisign in the expected places. Thanks for asking me that
- I gave it a better look. Suppose I need to ask verisign ;-) .


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