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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: URL rewriting For Session Tracking
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 07:51:42 GMT
Usually you would use a tag lib for this sort of thing.  With struts, it 
would look something like:
  <html:a href="second.jsp">second page </html:a>

<> wrote in message 
> Your reply answered another question that I had.  But I think I still 
> haven't described my current question clearly.  suppose I have 3 JSP pages 
> in my application.
> --
> first.jsp
> second.jsp
> third.jsp
> --
> Now, in my first.jsp, I have nothing but 2 links to the other two JSP 
> pages. If I want the session to be maintain when use clicks on the links 
> to go to the other pages, then can first.jsp be the following:
> --
> <a href="second.jsp">second page</a>
> <a href="third.jsp">third page</a>
> --
> Or, the code in first.jsp must be the following:
> --
> <a href='<%=response.encodeURL("second.jsp")%>'>second page</a>
> <a href='<%=response.encodeURL("second.jsp")'%>>second page</a>
> ----
> Note:  If I use the first syntax, then unless Tomcat or some patch or 
> filter parse the code and add the jsessionid to the link automatically, 
> then the user will be losing the session when to goes from first.jsp to 
> the other ones.  And that's my question; can I use the first syntax.  Or 
> there is no way but to use the second syntax if I want the session to be 
> kept.
> Thanks,
> Kasra
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> From: "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
> To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
> Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 9:56 PM
> Subject: RE: URL rewriting For Session Tracking
>> From: []
>> Subject: Re: URL rewriting For Session Tracking
>> Basically I have a webapp and I want to have a session
>> for each user that connects to my server (just the usual
>> servlet session that is created with jsessionid).  Do I
>> have to wrap every link that I have in my webapp with an
>> Httpservletresponse.encodeURL()?
> No.  As I recall, Tomcat will not create a session automatically unless
> it's absolutely necessary (e.g., tracking authenticated users) or the
> application requests it.  I'm not aware of any config parameter that
> will force creation of sessions for all clients, but all you should have
> to do is put the following somewhere in the request processing path of
> each servlet:
>        request.getSession(true);
> This doesn't need to go into your servlet or JSP code - you can write a
> simple filter class that does nothing but run the above code to force
> the creation of a session if one doesn't already exist.  The filter
> mapping can go into conf/web.xml so it will apply to all apps deployed
> within your Tomcat instance, or in each appropriate webapp's web.xml
> file.
> Note that per the servlet spec, Tomcat will use cookies not URL
> rewriting for session tracking; it will fall back to URL rewriting if
> the client refuses cookies.  You can also disable use of cookies by
> setting cookies="false" in your <Context> elements (or the global
> conf/context.xml file).
> - Chuck
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