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From "Gregor Schneider" <>
Subject Re: Securing Tomcat Article for Review
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 10:23:32 GMT
Hi Marcus,

On 1/10/07, Markus Schönhaber <> wrote:
> Gregor Schneider wrote:
> OTOH there a very good reasons to use a httpd-Tomcat combination. Alas,
> the "only reason" there "usually" is, as you said, I wouldn't count amongst
> the good reasons. Tomcat serves static content just fine. In combination with
> APR even finer.
I don't understand what you define as "just fine" and "finer",
however, we have a heavy-load web-app here that is accessed world-wide
with about 30.000 static html-pages plus some servlets. We conducted
tests with different load-runners and the results where quite clear:
We had an improvement Tomcat <-> Apache/Tomcat of about 20%.
To be fair, I have to say that we modified the headers within Apache
what we didn't when running Tomcat only. See, i believe in statistics
only when created by myself :)

>. I've read this claim ("httpd is superior for static content")
> many times, but I've never seen the one making that claim also providing
> facts that back up it's truth.

Well, if you don't consider the benchmarks we did here in our company
trustworthy (which I do understand), maybe you'd like to look at some
benchmarks on the Apache-website:

Summary of the charts in the last paragraph:

========= [snip] =============

For those who wonder "can tomcat handle static files?" My
opinion is yes. If you only have a single server co-located at an ISP
and can't afford a dedicated
image server, Tomcat will work just fine. For sites that need high
performance/high availability, the
best option is to setup dedicated Apache2 for the static files.

========= [snap] =============

> Of course, YMMV.

Right, and as I stated: Having a high-load-web-app with mostly static
content served, for us there was no other option after our own
performance-tests (BTW, we used JMeter and LoadRunner).

> Top of *my* list of good reasons for using httpd and Tomcat together is a
> httpd that acts as load-balancer for multiple Tomcat instances.
If you have limited ressources, that might be an option, in our case
that's just not enough and that's why we are using hardware-lb's.
> > that's definately not the case.
> "Definitely"? Hm, again such an absolute claim of yours for which you provide
> no facts to back it up.
As I stated above: I presume you *know* what you*re doing and you
*know* your ways around Tomcat and Apache httpd. That provided, again,
it is *definately* not the case that you decrease security, full stop.

> And he might think right. If you're adding complexity to the system you should
> be aware that there's the need to add even more sensible care to the system.
> If you fail to do that, the overall security will very propably be lower. As
> I see it, the chain of security is just as strong as it's weakest link.

See above: You have to know what you're doing. If you don't, get help
from a professional and get a security-audit. Although we *believe* to
know our ways round, we're doing both (hey, we're moving slowly back
to the topic... ;)
> My point is: one should worry about every piece of software installed. Even
> more so if it is accessible from an untrusted network. The more software, the
> more there is to worry about.
Agreed, however, usually there's a need to install a certain software.
I absolutely agree with you that, if you don't really need it, leave

> > OTOH, i'd rather have apache in
> > front than running tomcat on port 80 via jsvc or as a service.
> I'd like to repeat Chuck's question: why?
Plain and simple:

You also can misconfigure jsvc (ok, chances are pretty small...)

In *our* scenario I rather have Apache http in front because

- it performs better
- I got a lot of handy tools which either don't exists in Vanilla
Tomcat (like URL-rewriting, Header-modification etc.)
Sure, I could write my own filters and pass the static content through
them first, but that'd slow down the whole app (tested).


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