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From "Gregor Schneider" <>
Subject Re: TOMCAT 1.4
Date Mon, 01 Jan 2007 16:45:38 GMT
Hi Martin,

sorry, don't get you: What do you mean by "double-checking version 1.4"?
As Chuck wrote above, there's no such version of Tomcat 1.4. However,
there is a Java-Version named 1.4.2 - maybe you're mixing it up?

Maybe you should let us know what you're trying to achieve:

I understood that you want to run Tomcat. I also understood that you
want to run httpd (I figure you're talking about Apache httpd).

However, when you start Tomcat, you are  getting an exception saying
that port 8080 is already in use.

Now what you have to do is to figure out which process is blocking
port 8080 (my guess is, that it's already another instance of Tomcat

To check this, in Unix (Linux) there's a command to check what process
is listening on which port. I think it also should exist within

The command is "netstat -lnp" which will give you an overview of the
processes listening to the network and showing the ports to which each
of those processes is bound.

If the command doesn't exist within Solaris, maybe somebody in this
list can give a hint and show an alternative command.

Anyways, please describe what you'd like to achieve, and maybe the
members of this list can sketch some solutions for you.

And last not least:

Be aware that, if you run Tomcat on port 8080 (the default port), then
the url will be http://your_host:8080 - otherwise port 80 is
requested, and then you'll either have to change the Listener within
Tomcat to listen to port 80 or you'll need something like Apache httpd
in front.


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