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From "Per Johnsson" <>
Subject RE: isapi_redirect problem : works in all cases except one
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 11:19:08 GMT

I just notice that you have /wiki/ in the uriworkers and path="/wiki".

Try to change your ajp connector to

I have sometimes had some problem with differences in the last slash.

/Per Jonsson

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From: Rich Stern [] 
Sent: den 19 januari 2007 22:56
Subject: isapi_redirect problem : works in all cases except one

I have Tomcat 5.5 installed on a Win2000 server with IIS 5.0, and I'm
using the isapi_redirect.dll ver 1.2.19.  I have deployed this on a
development server, and it worked like a charm (only difference is that
the dev server is Win2003 server with IIS 6.0).  I am now deploying it
on the previously mentioned Win2k server, and I have one situation that
causes a problem.


All web requests are being forwarded correctly from IIS to Tomcat (via
isapi_redirect.dll), except for those at the root of the Servlet.  For
example, http://<ip or dns name>/wiki/<anything> will load and execute
my servlet.  The URL http://<ip or dns name>/wiki/ by itself (nothing
following the last forward slash) will fail somewhere in the process of
execution without logging anything anywhere, and the browser (both IE
and Firefox so
far) are asking me to download a file instead of outputting html to the
browser window.  I don't believe that IIS is giving me the problem,
because if the request was being processed by IIS, the response would
simply be a
404 error.  I'm tempted to think that the problem lies in how the isapi
filter is modifying the request before handing it off to Tomcat, or that
Tomcat is modifying it in between receiving and processing it.

My has the following entry:


And my xml file in Tomcat (<tomcat
install>\cont\Catalina\localhost\wiki.xml) has the context element 
with path="/wiki" and docBase="D:/<physical path to servlet root>/".

To the best of my knowledge, I have configured this to work correctly.
I say this because I can go directly to Tomcat (by appending Tomcat's
standalone listening port of 8080 in the url) and I can also request any
other URL (other than the one I'm having trouble with) without
specifying the port number, and IIS hands it off to Tomcat and returns
the expected html content.  I also have double, triple, and quadruple
checked that all my config files and registry entries as described in
the isapi_redirect documentation are the same on both servers (with
differences only in the file paths because the file systems are laid out
differently), and the only difference between the two servers is the OS
and version of IIS.

I will continue researching and trouble shooting, but ANY help,
information, or ideas are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

- Rich

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