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From "Varley, Roger" <>
Subject RE: Strange behaviour after upgrade to 5.5.20
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 11:12:45 GMT
> I think you're going to have to be a bit less vague if you 
> want any real
> responses.  A description of the actual symptoms, exact error 
> messages,
> log entries, etc., would help.  "Strange behaviour" doesn't 
> give anyone
> much to go on.

Sorry, Im still grappling with the new Tomcat. There are no error messages and the servlet
doesn't fail. However, the servlet puts state information into a hashmap that is stored in
the session object. I am getting occassional strange behaviour that is consistant with the
hashmap getting out of sync with the application. The same servlet works fine under Tomcat
4.1.31, which was I was wondering if/how session handling had changed dramatically. 

> And yes, a lot changed between 4.1.31 and 5.5.20.  The 
> changelog is very
> detailed - and long.

I know :) I've started wading through it, but I'm under time pressure to get the migration
completed. I was hoping someone could short-circuit the effort and provide that "Ah-ha" moment.



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