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From 悠 妮 <>
Subject About Tomcat's configure
Date Sat, 27 Jan 2007 04:36:57 GMT
Hello All,

I have two questions about configure:

The first one is that, when I use Tomcat5.0 + Jdk1.5 and start server, I 
have the error "JAVA_HOME should point to a JDK not a JRE". But I do set 
the JDK dir to JAVA_HOME. If I use Tomcat5.0 + Jdk1.4, it does work.

The second question, when I use Tomcat5.5 + Jdk1.5, and configure the xml 
file refering to the "manager.xml" and "host-manager.xml" in "Tomcat 
5.5\conf\Catalina\localhost\", I can't visit the Jsps and Servlets in the 
new web app. Otherwise, I can not visit the manager and host-manager 
webapp. Can anyone give me an example of the configuration file?

Can anyone help me? 

Thanks a lot.


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