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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: installing the admin on 5.5
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 16:23:34 GMT
> From: Fran Varin [] 
> Subject: RE: installing the admin on 5.5


Steps 1 - 5 looked o.k.

> 6) Unzip admin tool 
>     - copied "admin" directory and all of its contents to
> "c:\CMA_Dev\Servers\Tomcat\tomcat-5.5.20\server\webapps" 
> (same location as "manager" and "host-manager"

In the above, does "admin directory" refer to
"apache-tomcat-5.5.20\server\webapps\admin"?  Did you maintain the
directory structure under that?  There should be 11 subdirectories under
server\webapps\admin, although 9 of them are empty; only images and
WEB-INF have content, and WEB-INF has two .xml files, a .tld file, and a
lib directory under it containing five jars. Is that what you've got

>     - copied "admin.xml" to
> "c:\CMA_Dev\Servers\Tomcat\tomcat-5.5.20\conf\Catalina\localhost"

Note that there are two admin.xml files in the .zip, but they are
identical, so it doesn't really matter which one you chose.

> 7) modified "tomcat-users.xml" to include the following line: 
>     "<user username="admin" password="admin" roles="standard, manager,
> admin" />"

The spaces after the commas should be o.k., but they're normally not

> 8) Start Tomcat via Eclipse
>     - Observe mention of "admin" anywhere

What happens if you start Tomcat from a command prompt with
bin\startup.bat, rather than indirectly, via Eclipse?

>     - Note that "/admin" is listed as an application

Is it marked as running?

> 10) Return to initial tomcat page and select "administration" 
>     - the following message is reported "Tomcat's administration web
> application is no longer installed by default. Download and 
> install the "admin" package to use it"

Do you have any <Context> elements in conf/server.xml?  Eclipse may have
erroneously inserted something in there.  For Tomcat 5 and above,
<Context> elements should not be placed in server.xml.

Do you have an admin directory under the regular webapps directory by
any chance?  (Possibly left over from previous attempts.) If so, it
should be removed.  Note that the admin directory under webapps\ROOT is
o.k. - it is overridden by the servlet mappings in

 - Chuck

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