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From Frankbl <>
Subject Re: Tomcat limited connection to only 1
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2007 13:50:09 GMT

normaly yes. 
but by this application the connection can only handle one session with one
sessionid.  but by the local installation the session id is not importand.
Only by the web application we need the session id and here we can oly
handle one sessionid for one connection.

by the local installation we connect only once a time with the user guest.

i don't understand this. normaly when i close the browser the session and
session id will be distroyed. is that not right.

David Delbecq wrote:
> Connection has nothing to do with session. A session lives across
> several connections to server. Are you trying to prevent 2 different
> user from logging in at the same time? This is an application specific
> issue and should be handled, probably using an HttpSessionListener. It's
> not the tomcat's job.
> A connection is something that last for a few milli seconds. A session
> is something that id identified by a SessionId and live for a long as it
> is used. The sessions get destroyed after a certain amount of idle time
> (usually 30 minutes).
> An no, there is no way for a web server to count the number of web
> browser who have a page opened on your server. You can count the
> session, but this count include browser that have closed less than 30
> minutes ago.
> En l'instant précis du 01/19/07 14:04, Frankbl s'exprimait en ces termes:
>> ok. i know. nothing will be work is not correct.
>> i mean. i can allways connect 4 until 6 times at the same time. I have
>> not
>> tested more. i have open 3 session on my local pc with localhost and 3
>> session on a remote pc with the ip address.
>> what i need is. that i can only connect with localhost or ip address with
>> 2
>> sessions. My application open two browser windows allways. for me this is
>> 2
>> connection and only 1 sessions at the same time. the first browser window
>> shows only the company banner. from here i start the second browser
>> window
>> with my sesseion where i work. Here i get my session no.
>> The application is a local installation on a pc for running a spareparts
>> catalogue. here we have the same layout and funcitionality as our Web
>> server.
>> The application comes from a external company and i'am serv this here by
>> us.
>> i'am not the big profi with tomcat and that's my problem.  At first i
>> have
>> ask the external company. but he has no reason. i must pay when we wont
>> this. 
>> i would rather spend the time for lern more about tomcat and to give
>> better
>> service to our customer.
>> ok, at last. I have try the parameter maxkeepaliverequest. But the same.
>> i
>> can connect with the same result as before.
>> Frank
>> David Delbecq wrote:
>>> Can you describe with more details the "nothing will work" and your
>>> intended behaviour. Explain how you tested configuration. According to
>>> your configuration, the connector should work like this:
>>> 1) Serves exactly one request at a time (maxProcessors).
>>> 2) When another connection is attempted and your Http Thread is already
>>> serving another request, it will queue that request and serve it later
>>> (queue has a size of acceptCount)
>>> 3) If there is a third simultaneous connection attempt (the first being
>>> served, the second waiting to be served), the server will refuse it (It
>>> will behave to client as if server was down!!).
>>> There is also the problem of 'keepAlive' request that might interfer in
>>> your case, try to add |maxKeepAliveRequests="1"
>>> Last but not least, limiting tomcat to 1 connection will behave
>>> erratically in the browser's view, browsers tend to open several
>>> connections at a time to same server, to get pictures, css, favicon in
>>> parallel.
>>> |En l'instant précis du 01/19/07 10:32, Frankbl s'exprimait en ces
>>> termes:
>>>> I will limited the connection for tomcat to one. I have tryed any
>>>> configuration with the connector in server.xml. but nothing will work.
>>>> Can anyone say what i must do to get the right parameters. here my last
>>>> configuration string.
>>>> <Connector className="org.apache.coyote.tomcat4.CoyoteConnector"
>>>> port="8080"
>>>> maxThreads="1" minSpareThreads="1" maxSpareThreads="1"
>>>> minProcessors="1"
>>>> maxProcessors="1" enableLookups="false" acceptCount="1" debug="0"
>>>> connectionTimeout="20000" useURIValidationHack="false"/>
>>>> Thanks for your help.
>>>> Frank
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