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From Fran Varin <>
Subject RE: installing the admin on 5.5
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 19:30:15 GMT

Hi, thanks for responding...I'll address your questions based on my original
step numbers: 

6) Yes, I simply copied the "admin" directory to the server\webapps
directory. So, all of the subordinate content came along as well. I did not
modify anything underneath it. 

8) I receive the same result...that is to say a page with the message about
installing admin separately appears. Yes, "running" in the manager
application is set to "true".

10) there are no "<context>" elements in server.xml. There is no "admin"
directory in the normal "webapps" directory. 

Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: Fran Varin [] 
>> Subject: RE: installing the admin on 5.5
> <snip>
> Steps 1 - 5 looked o.k.
>> 6) Unzip admin tool 
>>     - copied "admin" directory and all of its contents to
>> "c:\CMA_Dev\Servers\Tomcat\tomcat-5.5.20\server\webapps" 
>> (same location as "manager" and "host-manager"
> In the above, does "admin directory" refer to
> "apache-tomcat-5.5.20\server\webapps\admin"?  Did you maintain the
> directory structure under that?  There should be 11 subdirectories under
> server\webapps\admin, although 9 of them are empty; only images and
> WEB-INF have content, and WEB-INF has two .xml files, a .tld file, and a
> lib directory under it containing five jars. Is that what you've got
> now?
>>     - copied "admin.xml" to
>> "c:\CMA_Dev\Servers\Tomcat\tomcat-5.5.20\conf\Catalina\localhost"
> Note that there are two admin.xml files in the .zip, but they are
> identical, so it doesn't really matter which one you chose.
>> 7) modified "tomcat-users.xml" to include the following line: 
>>     "<user username="admin" password="admin" roles="standard, manager,
>> admin" />"
> The spaces after the commas should be o.k., but they're normally not
> used.
>> 8) Start Tomcat via Eclipse
>>     - Observe mention of "admin" anywhere
> What happens if you start Tomcat from a command prompt with
> bin\startup.bat, rather than indirectly, via Eclipse?
>>     - Note that "/admin" is listed as an application
> Is it marked as running?
>> 10) Return to initial tomcat page and select "administration" 
>>     - the following message is reported "Tomcat's administration web
>> application is no longer installed by default. Download and 
>> install the "admin" package to use it"
> Do you have any <Context> elements in conf/server.xml?  Eclipse may have
> erroneously inserted something in there.  For Tomcat 5 and above,
> <Context> elements should not be placed in server.xml.
> Do you have an admin directory under the regular webapps directory by
> any chance?  (Possibly left over from previous attempts.) If so, it
> should be removed.  Note that the admin directory under webapps\ROOT is
> o.k. - it is overridden by the servlet mappings in
> server\webapps\admin\WEB-INF\web.xml.
>  - Chuck
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