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From kkus <>
Subject Re: How to set up a special folder to list all files under it?
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 17:29:10 GMT

How can I use this feature of virtual directory in 5.5.20? Any example or
docs? I don't have Apache installed or IIS associated with Tomcat in my box.

Michael Hencin wrote:
> Hello, I noticed the mention of symbolic links and it was
> similar enough to what I did in our application to provide a kind of
> "symbolic link" in our application. The method I cam up with allowed
> the user to user tomcat, and then also create a directory outside the
> context
> of our web app that is used to store files. We allow users to attach files
> within our application that are related to database entries. 
> The problem we had was that we wanted to have a location
> deliberately outside the context of the web app for two reasons. 1)
> Redeployment
> risked deleting the saved files (they act as an archive and must be saved)
> 2)
> disk location growth. These files can be very large, and we wanted to
> provide a
> way to let the end users easily place them on another volume or disk. So
> we now
> have the users create a virtual directory. We use apache web server. This
> virtual directory is linked to the file location. then we have them enter
> that
> virtual directory path into our database, and its served up on the pages.
> This
> then lets the users follow the link to the virtual directory, and apache
> takes
> care of the listings. 
> We do not use apache as a front end at all, just in this case
> we use its virtual directory feature. Tomcat does a fine enough job of the
> web
> serving we need. but in this once case, where we wanted to show files i a
> difference place, not in the context of the web app I came up with this
> kind of
> work around. Before that we just used a UNC path stored in the database,
> but it
> did not work well with firebird and safari, and users outside the network
> could
> not follow the UNC link. 
> This method of using a virtual directory from apache (or IIS
> ) seems to work nicely.
> ---
> Michael Hencin
> President - Enginuity Development Inc.
> P: 815-301-9939
> F: 815-301-2007
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> From: "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
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> Sent: Monday, January 1, 2007 12:48:16 AM
> Subject: RE: How to set up a special folder to list all files under it?
>> From: kkus [] 
>> Subject: How to set up a special folder to list all files under it?
>> Now I need add a specific folder which will let user to browse
>> all files under it without authentication.
> I haven't personally tried the following, so take it with a grain of
> salt.  Also, others might know an easier way to accomplish what you
> want.
> Delivery of static content and directory listings is under control of
> the default servlet, as defined in the conf/web.xml file.  By default,
> this has the listings param set to false, to disable ad hoc browsing.  I
> think you could copy the config for the default servlet, change
> <servlet-name> from default to something appropriate for your purpose,
> set the listings param to true, and add a servlet mapping for this
> renamed default to use a <url-pattern> pointing to the directory you
> want to store your public files in.  You would want to put this
> redefined servlet definition and mapping in the WEB-INF/web.xml of the
> webapp that will hold the public directory.
>  - Chuck
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