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From Sampath Kumar Rallapalli <>
Subject Tomcat 5.5.20: issue with tomcat service & defining application specific environment variables
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2007 16:46:17 GMT
  I am using Tomcat5.5.20 along with jdk 1.5.0_09 on Windows XP SP1 and running Tomcat as
a Windows Service. For running Tomcat as windows service, I opened a cmd line prompt and executed
the bat file, service.bat by providing the argument as "service.bat install".
  Then, I started the service and tomcat is running on the port 8080. I could access the Tomcat
default page (http://localhost:8080) successfully. It worked fine upto this point.
  Issue 1:
  When I tried to access an application that I deployed by placing the war file in the webapps
directory, it gives the exceptions. I could not access the login page of my application.
  The error says a dll of my application is not in java.library.path. (Everything works fine
if I start the tomcat using the Startup.bat instead of running it as service. I could login
to my application and perform the tasks as required).
  But the path to this dll is defined in the SYSTEM variables in the SYSTEM PATH variable.
  It seems that tomcat is not able to read the SYSTEM Path correctly. Can any one provide
me inputs on how to fix this issue?
  Issue 2:
  Also, if the tomcat is running in service mode, how to provide the application specific
environment variables? I tried creating the file setenv.bat inside <CATALINA_HOME>\bin
directory and stopped and restarted the service. But, tomcat service has not picked them up.
(If we run tomcat in non-service mode, we can define the application specific settings in
  Thanks for your consideration.
  Sampath Kumar

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