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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Tomcat and MySQL sync problems
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2007 00:12:30 GMT
Luiz Siqueira wrote:
> Sorry about this message but I'm a little despaired.
> I create a JAR library with the business logic, I use Hibernate and
> MySQL. Everything work fine but when I try use the JAR from a WebApp
> using the bundled TomCat on NetBeans 5.5 I got an server error. I
> believe that the problem is that the server don't know about Hibernate
> and the MySQL drive. I don't know well Tomcat and need know what to
> do, maybe some one can help me.

When starting a new thread (ie sending a message to the list about a
new topic) please do not reply to an existing message and change the
subject line. To many of the list archiving services and mail clients
used by list subscribers this  makes your new message appear as part
of the old thread. This makes it harder for other users to find
relevant information when searching the lists.

This is known as thread hijacking and is behaviour that is frowned
upon on this list. Frequent offenders will be removed from the list.
It should also be noted that many list subscribers automatically
ignore any messages that hijack another thread.

The correct procedure is to create a new message with a new subject.
This will start a new thread.


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