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From Andreas Deller <>
Subject Re: HTTP response code "200 -" in access log
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 15:26:23 GMT
Pid wrote:
> Andreas Deller wrote:
>> Pid wrote:
>>> Andreas Deller wrote:
>>>> Hi
>>>> I have activated LiveHttpHeaders and the RequestDumperValve and
>>>> fortunately ran into the problem in my development environment.
>>>> Sorry for the long posting, but it seems necessary to me.
>>>> Important notes:
>>>> - Between the client and the server, there is a reverse proxy.
>>> RDV is reporting that the file is has content length and type null.
>>> It's likely that the content type seen, 'text/html' is just a being 
>>> set as a default.
>>> Looks like Tomcat is having trouble getting the file off the disk.
>>> Which version of Tomcat (you mentioned two) did this occur under?
>> 5.0.28 on Linux (Debian) and Solaris 9. It also occurred with 4.1.30.
>>> Are you using APR/tcnative?
>> No, I haven't installed any of them.
> APR offers a worthwhile performance improvement for OS native operations 
> like serving static files.  It also might offer an route around any Java 
> issues, if you're able to use the OS 'sendfile' function.
Thanks for the optimization hint, although we don't encounter performance
problems so far.

>>> (Actually not sure if this is works for TC5.0, anyone list?)
>> I think that the problem is more rare using JDK 1.5.0_09 than 1.4.2_06,
>> but of course I couldn't measure this.
> If the problem occurs with both JVMs and both versions of Tomcat, you 
> may have encountered a rare but unknown error condition, or it's not 
> Java/Tomcat...
> In the former case, I'd try to eliminate the room for error between 
> versions by standardising JVM/Tomcat versions.
That surely sounds like a good idea. I wasn't aware that there are such
recommendations. Can you give me a pointer where to find these JDK/Tomcat
pairs standards? I found none in

> In the latter case, it could be an OS issue.  The RD Valve reported no 
> file size, or file data (from which it could determine MIME info), 
> suggesting that Tomcat was unable to read the file data off the disk for 
> some reason.
That's possible, but I think it unlikely, because the error occurs
both on Debian Linux and Solaris.

> Try checking the disk for capacity, damage issues.
I think I can rule this out as it happens in three totally different

> If it's always the same directory, I'd create a fresh copy of the 
> directory by uploading all of the files to a new dir, and 
> symlinking/altering the old path to the new one.
Since the application already runs in different environments (and gets
rebuilt after every clean), this has already been done.

> The image files aren't being served off a network file share or 
> something are they?
Yes, they are served from a NAS, at least in two environments. Could
this be a problem?

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