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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: Webapps loading order
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 15:22:45 GMT
Funny, I find lot's of info on this and the answer is always no.  Some
posts suggest hacks though:

As has been noted in at least one of the results above, it's a fragile
design.  Better to design the depending webapps to handle the case when
one of their dependencies isn't available.  Then they will all just wait
or gracefully deal with the missing resource until it's available.


Orlando Reis wrote:

> Hi, can someone please tell me the order in which the webapps are loaded?
> I can't find anything on the archives nor on the documentation, is it
> alphabetically or reverse alphabetically or is there no order at all?
> On the searches I made through out the list archive someone said the
> answer
> was already posted on the list, I can't find it.
> I have 20 contexts in webapps directory and want to know the order in
> which
> tomcat loads contexts.
> Thanks in advance
> Orlando

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