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From Andreas Deller <>
Subject Re: HTTP response code "200 -" in access log
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 14:28:14 GMT
Pid wrote:
> Andreas Deller wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have activated LiveHttpHeaders and the RequestDumperValve and
>> fortunately ran into the problem in my development environment.
>> Sorry for the long posting, but it seems necessary to me.
>> Important notes:
>> - Between the client and the server, there is a reverse proxy.
> RDV is reporting that the file is has content length and type null.
> It's likely that the content type seen, 'text/html' is just a being set 
> as a default.
> Looks like Tomcat is having trouble getting the file off the disk.
> Which version of Tomcat (you mentioned two) did this occur under?
5.0.28 on Linux (Debian) and Solaris 9. It also occurred with 4.1.30.

> Are you using APR/tcnative?
No, I haven't installed any of them.

> (Actually not sure if this is works for TC5.0, anyone list?)

I think that the problem is more rare using JDK 1.5.0_09 than 1.4.2_06,
but of course I couldn't measure this.

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