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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.x (Major Problem)
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2007 18:38:51 GMT
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Andy Moller wrote:
> While debugging the database query logs, the reason was that the
> field type is integer, while the passed value was a "string", we went
> and inspected the code design and semantics and it was an impossible
> case that the used "Variable" could have been used in that SQL query.

How are you interacting with your database? Are you using JDBC? If so,
exactly how do you build the query? Are you concatenating strings to
form a single, String-based query, or are you using PreparedStatement
and then filling-in the parameterized values?

> For some reason, at the runtime, a variable reference was switched in
> the JVM, which suggests a memory leak and a HUGE problem with that
> version of Tomcat, and that also confirmed to a certain extent the
> discrepancy problem that occurs with a high volume of user sessions
> in the recent application.

If the JVM really is the culprit, then Tomcat can't do anything about
that. What version of Java are you using? I find it very unlikely that
you have a JVM problem. It is also unlikely that Tomcat is interfering
with your servlet->database communication or somehow breaking your SQL

Can you post a code snippet? For instance, if you could post some of the
code involved in creating and issuing he SQL query, that might help.

> I would appreciate it if someone confirms that suspicion, and whether
> Tomcat is a reliable server for a high demanding application.

Tomcat is unquestionably reliable for high demand applications. How much
demand are you talking about? Some notions of high demans are higher
than others...

I would imagine that an upgrade to a more modern version of Tomcat would
be a good idea in general, but certainly not a requirement for moving

- -chris
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