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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: AW: AW: AW: AW: AW: Tomcat 5.5 Cluster: Session Replication before sending the response
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2007 16:01:24 GMT wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Thanks for your very detailed answer. 
> I see, ReplicationValve triggers the session replication after completion of request/response.
But which data of the session (parts or the complete session) depends on the manager. Looking
at the JavaDoc neither DeltaManager nor StandardManager nor SimpleTcpReplicationManger replicate
the complete Session. Thus I am still lokking for a manager that replicates the complete session.
The mentioned Managers just replicate the data added removed or changed using setAttribute.
So the objects in my session which are changed but not reset using setAttribute will not be
replicated. That is my problem and as far as I understand it still is.

The Manager implementation SimpleTcpReplicationManager sends the 
complete session during its requestCompleted() method (called by the 
Valve) - if it sends it at all. To decide if it needs to send it, it can 
use two principles:

- with useDirtyFlag="false" it will always be send (on every request!)
- with useDirtyFlag="true" it will only be send, if the session is new, 
or request attributes have been added or changed via setAttribute etc.

Hope that helps.

Caution: I expect that SimpleTcpReplicationManager has rarely been used 
in the last two years because of it's severe performance implications. 
It could be, that the DeltaManager has bugs fixed, which are still 
unfixed in SimpleTcpReplicationManager.



> I will give the logging a try to see what is replicated but looking at the documentation
my problem is not soled :-(
> Regards
> Andy

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