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From Ortwin Gl├╝ck <>
Subject mod_jk: mounting tomcat instances to subdirectories
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2007 16:09:42 GMT

I have 3 Tomcat instances, each running a different version of the same 
application. The applications all have the same webapp context. The 
Tomcats are running on a different machine than the webserver. But all 
three Tomcat instances are on the same machine (using different AJP ports).

I want to mount these 3 instances in one Apache webserver under 
different subdirectories using mod_jk:

http://myhost.tld/1/myapp/  --> tomcat1
http://myhost.tld/2/myapp/  --> tomcat2
http://myhost.tld/3/myapp/  --> tomcat3

My first naive try was this:

JkMount /1/myapp/* tomcat1
JkMount /2/myapp/* tomcat2
JkMount /3/myapp/* tomcat3

Naturally the leading /1/ must be removed from the URL forwarded to the 
Tomcat. I have tried with mod_rewrite with no success (RewriteRule is 
ignored in a Location directive). I don't think that this setup is 
something rare. I am looking for a viable solution.


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