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From "Heiko Petzsch" <>
Subject debugging Servlets under Tomcat 5.5 on Windows XP
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 15:48:20 GMT

I want to debug servlets running under Tomcat 5.5.20 (freshly 
installed) on Windows XP, but I can't get the JVM to open the debug 
port in order that Eclipse can attach to it (as verified by running 
"netstat -a").

It seems to me that the documentation on how to enable debugging 
is outdated:

- the FAQ "How do I debug a Tomcat application?" tells me to modify 
2 environment variables JPDA_ADDRESS and JPDA_TRANSPORT, 
and then to start Tomcat via the catalina.bat script - but this script isn't 
supplied with the installation anymore. I added the environment variables 
anyway and restarted the service, but that didn't help. Starting the service 
as a console application didn't help either, btw..

- I tried adding "-Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport= 
dt_socket,address=1044,server=y,suspend=n" to the Java Options 
in the Monitor application tomcat5w.exe, but that didn't change 

- the "Windows service HOW-TO" gives no specific hint on how to 
enable debugging. Fiddling with different parameters without 
knowning what the correct default parameters are doesn't look very 

Now I'm running out of ideas - any help will be greatly appreciated !

Best regards, Heiko

Heiko Petzsch
GTS Systems & Consulting

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