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From David Rush <>
Subject Re: Problem with auto-deploy
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 16:01:49 GMT

Thanks for the tip.  I played a bit with both attributes, with no luck 
(but admittedly I don't fully understand them, so I was playing somewhat 
blind).  I was able to get different errors, but no joy.

Here's what I've since discovered....

My normal mode of operation is to copy my .war files, of significant 
size, over a non-local, relatively slow connection, which normally takes 
about 25 seconds.

When I made a test .war file, with minimal contents and small size which 
copies quickly (1 second or so), things usually work fine.

What I think may be happening is that when I start the copy, it's not 
done when the next auto-load cycle comes around (every 10 seconds).  It 
tries loading an incomplete .war file, which may be locked because it's 
not done copying.  So it gives up completely, not even trying again in 
subsequent auto-load cycles.

When I copy the small .war file, it takes about 1 second, and hits "in 
between" auto-deploy cycles (at least usually).

Hmmm.... if I set the auto-deploy cycle to a longer time frame, in 
excess of the expected file copy time, that should improve my odds.  
I'll give it a try.


Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: []
>> Subject: Problem with auto-deploy
>> 2007-01-09 11:21:44,859
>> (org.apache.catalina.startup.ContextConfig,init(),ERROR)
>> Exception fixing docBase: {0}
>> The process cannot access the
>> file because it is being used by another process
> Look at the antiJARLocking and antiResourceLocking attributes of the
> <Context> element:
>  - Chuck
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