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From cifroes <>
Subject Re: timestamp of tomcat startup?
Date Sat, 06 Jan 2007 20:53:38 GMT
Leon Rosenberg wrote:
> On 1/6/07, cifroes <> wrote:
>> cifroes wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > catalina.out hast the time Tomcat took to startup but I need to know
>> > the timestamp [date of when tomcat started] of when tomcat is ready to
>> > receive requests.
>> >
>> Let me clarify a bit:
>> I need this timestamp to measure downtime of a server, I don't need
>> exactly precision to the ms but at most 0.5second error margin.
>> And the timestamp should be made when tomcat server is ready to receive
>> requests or at least 0.5second error margin between when Tomcat is
>> accepting requests and that timestamp.
>> I hope it's clear now :)
> Yes, it is, and allow me to say, that you are taking the completely
> false approach for this problem. If you want to measure the downtime
> of the server you should do this by sending requests periodically
> (once a second or whatever timeframe your need)  from another tool
> like jmeter, ab or simply a perl/bash script calling wget or curl.
> The fact that tomcat thinks its up, doesn't mean it's not down. Only
> when it actually responses (and the responses make sense) it can be
> considered up.
> Evaluating start time for this matter is kindof childish :-)
> regards
> Leon
I'm already doing it client-side, I now want to get a server-side 
approach, even if it's only an approximation. That's because my clients 
don't connect directly to the tomcat server, they have 
load-balancer/proxy stuff in the middle.

I can do a local client polling every 1sec but that's too invasive, I'm 
happy with the timestamp Tomcat thinks it's up. :)

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