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From Mikolaj Rydzewski <>
Subject Re: Moving Tomcat
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 15:21:00 GMT
Steve Ingraham wrote:
> I have a website running with jakarta-tomcat-5.5.9.  The server this
> website resides on is going to have to be rebuilt so I am needing to
> move everything off of it onto another server.  I know very little about
> tomcat, ok, I really know nothing about tomcat.  This website was
> created before I started managing this network so I was not involved in
> its construction.  My question is this.  I believe that all of the
> content for the webpage(s) reside in
> /usr/local/src/jakarta-tomcat-5.5.9/webapps.  If I copy everything from
> /usr/local/src from the old server onto the new server will this capture
> everything needed for the website?  Is there anything else I need to
> know about or that needs moved in order for the website to be accessible
> from the new server?
Do not forget about JRE/JDK.
Are you sure your webapps does not access any files outside 
/usr/local/src/jakarta-tomcat-5.5.9 ?

Mikolaj Rydzewski <>

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