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From Stephan Schöffel <>
Subject Re: disable war deployment
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 12:45:35 GMT
that is another problem: i dont want to do that, i have to do that. as a 
requirement by my employer. the idea of not running other apps in my 
tomcat has juristic backgound...

Mikolaj Rydzewski wrote:

> Stephan Schöffel wrote:
>> the problem is easy: i have to distribute the tomcat with 
>> preinstalled apps. i havae to make sure the tomcat only loads apps 
>> that i delivered with it. now im trying to delete all ways loading 
>> apps. only apps in dir-structures should be loaded (ie with the 
>> deployDirectory() method, which i altered to verify the apps).
> Why do you want to do this? You distribute your app bundled with 
> tomcat. It works for sure ;-) Why do you want to prevent running other 
> apps withing the same tomcat? You can always put a sentence in 
> readme/license file that you don't support modified installations, etc.
> Have you tried to run embedded tomcat version? You can deploy an app 
> using API, by hand.

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