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From "John Doe" <>
Subject from https to http?
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 18:55:21 GMT

   I new in the list. I hope can help somebody someday, but now I need
a hand to solve this mail's subject question.

   I have configured a tomcat application to use https in a arbitrary
jsp file (just for testing) when the user request it. So, the webapp's
"web.xml" file contains the following:

=== from here ===
        <description>Test to start a session</description>
         <description>Test to request SSL access</description>
=== to here ===

    In addition I have a a "index.jsp" with this content:

=== from here ===
        <h1>Index test</h1>
        <a href="ssl/restricted.jsp">Go to SSL page</a>
=== to here ===

   And finally in the "restricted.jsp" file have this

=== from here ===
        <h1>Restricted test</h1>
        <a href="../index.jsp">Back to index</a>
=== to here ===

    The "problem" is: when I go from "index.jsp" to "restricted.jsp"
the URL gets replaced (correctly) by
"https://localhost:8443/testSSL/restricted.jsp", _but_ when I want to
go from "restricted.jsp" back to "index.jsp" using the anchor defined
in it the URL is not replace by the standard "http" URL and then gets
stuck with a "https://localhost:8443/testSSL/index.jsp" URL instead of
the original "http://localhost:8080/testSSL/index.jsp"

Have I made a mistake here, is a missconfiguration or an conceptual
error of mine?

Any light to this is welcome. Forgive is this topic has been discused
but I  can't found any similar to my question.



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