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From "Leon Rosenberg" <>
Subject Re: Securing Tomcat Article for Review
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 11:13:03 GMT

interesting reading.

Still, since you can guarantee that everything is in memory if you
customize your webapp, and apache httpd simply relies on the file
system cache which has it's own behaviour, not designed for your
webapp, a single filesystem "miss" will cost more time than you'll
ever win by maybe saving some system calls.

I also assume that a modern server will never reach its cpu limit
before reaching the bandwith limit by simply writing out data.

Correct me if I'm wrong.


On 1/10/07, Mikolaj Rydzewski <> wrote:
> Leon Rosenberg wrote:
> >> Sure, I could write my own filters and pass the static content through
> >> them first, but that'd slow down the whole app (tested).
> >
> > Could you explain this a little more? How can it be that if you write
> > out something from memory it's slower than ask the filesystem which
> > could eventually have it in cache and be comparable fast in _best_
> > case?
> Ever heard about sendfile()?
> How could you expect a few system calls (when apache processes the
> request) be slower than hundreds of calls when JVM processes the request?
> --
> Mikolaj Rydzewski <>

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