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From Ingo Krabbe <>
Subject mod_proxy -> tomcat 5.5 causing stutter
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2007 14:46:07 GMT

I managed to configure the tomcat proxy behind my apache 2.2 worker threads 
not to crash anymore, but still it stutters, while I observe the following 
conditions on my high load, complex site:

When the users come in with 500-1500 request/second the apache process 
collects the incoming request within reading state "R", as viewed 
by "server-status".

The bigger I make the apache thread configuration the heavier seems the impact 
on the tomcat behind mod_proxy (HTTP connector).

So lets talk big: The apache process collects about 1000-5000 requests when 
the tomcat manages to start working, removing the requests from the queue.

When it started working it is even able to reduce the pending requests to a 
few 5-20, which is nothing of course.  But the users already come in again 
and start populating the queue of the apache reinventing the stuttering 

Are there any hints how I can configure the tomcat/apache team to stop this 
condition ?

May prefork or a smaller worker configuration help the tomcat to react (apache 
config) ?

Are there possible tunings in web.xml, server.xml or other paramters that help 
me to react on requests faster ?

May it help to drop the apache in front at all, giving the tomcat even more 
requests of course, since it has to answer to the static contents too ?

Any hints will help.


bye ingo

Ingo Krabbe			ASK UNIX Systems
Burggrafenstra├če 3
44139 Dortmund

Telefon		0231 4770185
FAX		0231 4770186
Fingerprint	EE5A 6533 EE5E 8F66 EC20 C56A 35FC
		B736 18FD EB5A

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