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From Vacuum Joe <>
Subject Re: Embedding Tomcat in a standalone JAR
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 00:43:48 GMT
"There's a bit of real documentation here:

Unfortunately, the promising "See also:" link doesn't lead to much, but
looking at the source code for org/apache/catalina/startup/
should be informative."

Right, those are two of the places I looked at, including the source for, and
they weren't helpful.  They are all about specifying files on the filesystem.  If I'm going
to have my users install something, I might as well just hand them the Tomcat installer and
tell them to use it.  What I really want is a no-installation jar file.  I'm starting to think
that this might be a bit of a project to get it working, or I might want to look at some other
Servlet containers that are more set up for embedding.

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