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From "Nelson, Tracy M." <>
Subject RE: web application - student need help
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2007 16:00:31 GMT
| From: Michael Ni []
| Sent: Friday, 05 January, 2007 16:38
| even with connection pooling, how many connections are we looking at here?
| if my project works as intended, im predicting from 30 to 1000 poeple 
| simultaneously hitting tomcat and sql server.

If you're just on a cable modem, I wouldn't worry about it.  Your network
bandwidth will give our before your connection limit.
| i remember when websites like came out, it was really slow.
| now it is much faster, do you guys know where does a student learn 
| about how to handle high traffic web applications?  is there any 
| classes?

Your best bet is to read up on other site that had growing pains (MySpace,
Flickr or the granddaddy, Slashdot) and find out what they did.  For the
most part, you'll have to find a service provider that has the pipes you
need for a price you can afford.  Then worry about partitioning your set-up:
break it up into web servers, app servers (Tomcat), and database servers.
Try to split your app into static and dynamic pieces, that'll
(theoretically) let you cache static content (icons, logos, boilerplate
text) on the web server, which will help your response time.  If your
database needs are simple (90% reads, most reads from a single table)
consider going with MySQL.  It's proven itself many times over in
high-traffic sites.  If you have any kind of "real" database needs, though
(transactions, complex joins, multiple concurrent updates) you'd be better
off sticking with SQL Server (or Postgres if you need multiple servers and
licensing costs become a factor).  Other than that, just learn how to
instrument your system so you can analyze it to find out where the
bottlenecks are.

Note that I've never actually done any of this, it's just what I've gleaned
from some articles on the net.  IMHO, YMMV, IANAL, etc...

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