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Subject 503 Error Servlet is currently unavailable
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2007 16:56:46 GMT
I am developing a GWT application for Tomcat 4.0.5. I'm getting a 503 error:

Apache Tomcat/4.0.5 - HTTP Status 503 - Servlet
com.sms.web.server.CompanyListImpl is currently unavailable

type Status report

message Servlet com.sms.web.server.CompanyListImpl is currently unavailable

description The requested service (Servlet com.sms.web.server.CompanyListImpl
is currently unavailable) is not currently available.

I can't find any more information in the logs - the entries for this error
include the exact same text as above. The servlet itself does exist in a .jar
file under WEB-INF/lib. It is under the correct package name as well. The only
information I have been able to find so far is that there should be more
information in one of the logs, but I can't find any additional information in
any of the logs I've found. What to do now?


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