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From "Jan Strauch" <>
Subject Re: yet another SSL question
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2007 23:39:54 GMT
first, thanks for your help.

But now I got the next problem:

Is it possible to have multiple different Login pages in one webapp?


- Two areas (DB,shop) in one webapp
- two groups of users having access to one of the areas.
- one member of both groups.

When I am logged in to the DB-section and call a page in the shop-section I
get a
"permission denied" error.

How do I manage to have a new login-window to get access to the other
"auth-method" in web.xml is "BASIC". I tried "FORM"-based login  with a
re-login as errorpage ,
but did not get it to work.
Is there a better way than a third usergroup with access to both sections?
Can I invoke an automatic logoff when a page outside the current section is
called, so I can force a new login
to the entered section?
Is there any way to log out?
Is it possible with Basic-method to have different logins depending on which
page is called?

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