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From "Mike Quilleash " <>
Subject RE: Tomcat and long startup time (hibernate)
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 12:27:15 GMT
As far as I'm aware (I did a quick check) all the bytecode gen'ing is
done in one place which as at the Entity level.  Because the Collection
API is all interfaces it's easy to swap in a lazy collection
implementation without resorting to bytecode.

Hopefully he'll add it in to the core as it's a reasonably non-invasive
change and by default (with the option turned off) the code path is
identical to what is was before.

We've wandered off the mailing list topic here so if you want to discuss
just mail me directly.


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From: snowtoad [] 
Sent: 29 November 2006 17:37
Subject: RE: Tomcat and long startup time (hibernate)

Thanks Mike, 

I will have a look at your patch, I am glad you have seen the
significant speedup. I am also fairly new to the hibernate code base,
did you also have to modify the collections persisters? or is all byte
code instrumentation done at the entity level?

It would be a huge win if Max will add your stuff to the core, so we
don't have to keep patching hibernate every time a new release is put


>I've looked at this issue in hibernate's JIRA and I noticed a post you 
>made about the possibility of moving the laziness into the 
>EntityPersistor instead.  From my previous experience the majority of 
>the hibernate startup time is building the proxy objects (cglib) for 
>lazy entities.
>I've made some changes locally which has sped up the hibernate startup 
>time significantly.  I've posted on the JIRA under the issue you 

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