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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: appBase & docBase in <Host> element in server.xml
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2006 02:44:34 GMT
> From: news [] On Behalf Of Wang Penghui
> Subject: appBase & docBase in <Host> element in server.xml
> <Context path="" docBase="" reloadable="true" debug="0"/>
> <Context path="" docBase="" reloadable="true" debug="0"/>

An empty docBase is never correct - if it "works", it's just dumb luck.

> 1. appbase = "/home/test/wwwroot" docbase = "".
> and the default path of docbase should be appbase/ROOT

The above is not correct due to the invalid docBase (and the spelling of
appBase and docBase).

> 2. appbase = "/home/test/wwwroot" docbase = "/home/test/wwwroot/ROOT"
> the same as the above configuration

Other than the spelling of appBase and docBase, the above will work.
The docBase value could be simply "ROOT".

> 3. appbase = "/home/test/wwwroot" docbase = "/home/test/wwwroot"
> is it correct or workable? I have not tested it yet.

It is never correct to have appBase and docBase the same.

> 4. appbase = "webapps" docbase = "/home/test/wwwroot"
> is it correct or workable?

Maybe, but hard to tell without more context.

Rather than browsing for frequently erroneous articles on the web, the
first place to look should be the real documentation:

Note that with Tomcat 5.0 and above, putting <Context> elements in
server.xml is strongly discouraged.

 - Chuck

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