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From LiuYan 刘研 <>
Subject RE: Installing Tomcat and IIS
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2006 02:50:36 GMT

>I normally need to access http://localhost:9191/luntbuild to see my
application. So in theory with that filter thing installed correctly I
should be able to access it by going to http://localhost/luntbuild?
Yes, that's our goal of integration.

>But for IIS, /luntbuild does not exist. How does it figure out that it is a
Tomcat dir?
Have you configured URI mapping ?
I use jk1.2 (not jk2), I have a file which saved
from my former tomcat installtion.
It seems that new version tomcat does not contained this file. Here is the
original content in file:
# - IIS
# This file provides sample mappings for example ajp13w
# worker defined in
# The general sytax for this file is:
# [URL]=[Worker name]


# Optionally filter out all .jpeg files inside that context
# For no mapping the url has to start with exclamation (!)


Maybe you need map the uri of your application (/luntbuild) to 'ajp13'. I
simply mapped all uri (/*) to 'ajp13',.
If you use jk2 which that article used, you can read the last paragraph of

>Also, I'm running a few websites on this server. Does this have an impact
on the Tomcat/IIS integration?
Does your websites use only 1 script language ?
We have 3 websites on the same server, the main website only use ASP, the
other two websites only use JSP, they works ok now.
But when I try to installing 'awstats' which use PERL/CGI, I can't get PERL
and JSP running at the same time.

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