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From "Ian H" <>
Subject compiled header filter on tomcat 5.5
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 17:09:38 GMT
Hi all,

I've taken the jspbook.jar found on page two of this article: and
implement the ResponseHeaderFilter on a test server successfully using
the following in web.xml:


When I create a file containing the source
from that article, omitting the package information, it compiles
without error, but does not work, with only
  SEVERE: Error filterStart
  5/12/2006 09:03:50 org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext start
  SEVERE: Context startup failed due to previous errors
that I can see that indicates a problem, in the stdout.log  [I wind up
with the same problem if I put the package info back in, recompile it,
and incorporate it into jspbook.jar...I notice that the length of the
*.class files are rather different]

What should I try in order to make my own ResponseHeaderFilter.class work?
[Once that's sorted out, it should be trivial to substitute setHeader
for addHeader, allowing me to have setHeaderFilter.class and

Thank you in advance,


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