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From "Nelson, Tracy" <>
Subject RE: tomcat w/o commercial crap
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 22:33:21 GMT
| From: Owen Cumpson []
| Sent: Tuesday, 05 December, 2006 13:11
| 1. Download and install yourself
| or
| 2.  Use the Gentoo forums to find out the Gentoo installation is
| in those deps.

FWIW, the Gentoo Tomcat Guide has a note that says "Tomcat 5.x versions
have allot [sic] of questionable dependencies. Tomcat calls them
optional core packages."  So it seems that the Gentoo package
maintainers are installing a lot of packages that probably aren't
included with a standard set-up.

I also note that they have seriously reconfigured Tomcat to comply with
"FHS" (?) as well as Gentoo standards.  If you're just doing this for
fun, then have at.  But if you're doing this for money, I'd strongly
recommend downloading a standard Tomcat distribution and installing it
in a standard location.  You'll have a lot fewer headaches and be much
more likely to find other people who have a similar setup who might be
able to help if you have problems.

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