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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: What a wonderfull world ..
Date Sun, 31 Dec 2006 18:21:16 GMT
Bill Barker wrote:
> Frack, after all Chuck started it.  Get a life, and let these two little 
> kiddies get on with their mud fight.  Just do what I do and block both of 
> them :).

Who started what is a debate that could go on for eternity. The
archives are there for anyone who wants to keep score.

Blocking people is tempting but too indiscriminate for my taste. What
would be nice is a e-mail filter that filters out the flames, leaving
only the relevant content ;)

>> This is the second time I have had to ask you to apologise to Chuck.
>> You ignored my request the last time, I do not expect to be ignored a
>> second time.
>> Mark
> This sort of gross over-reaction is a sure sign that you should pass this 
> title on to someone else.  Remember that this isn't a cathedral, it's a 
> bazaar.

I love this analogy. It works on so many different levels.

I didn't mean to suggest everyone on this list should be on best
(cathedral) behaviour rather that, even in a bazaar, there are limits.
The odd flame war/skirmish over a technical issue is to be expected
but hijacking a thread for a personal attack is, in my view, going too

In hindsight my response was more than a tad authoritarian - not a
good thing and a great example of why counting to ten before you reply
to an irritating e-mail is a good idea. Whilst the tone of my email
could certainly have been improved, and I apologise that it wasn't, I
stand by the substance that an apology is required.


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