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From Frank McLean <>
Subject TC 5.5.15 - Internet Explorer firing multiple form submits?
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2006 16:52:47 GMT

We use TC 5.5.15 behind an Apache2 front end and the AJP connecter.

I have a form, using the SSLEXT tag library-

<ssl:form action="/">

- which posts to Struts and thence to my app.

I have a couple of submit buttons similar to the following:

<html:submit value='Update stuff' 

Everything is well in FireFox, but not in Internet Explorer 6 (have not 
tested previous IE's).  In IE6, I am frequently and reproducibly getting 
multiple (max 3, it looks like) identical requests logged in both the 
Apache SSL log and the TC data_access.log whenever the submit button is 
pressed.  It's a database maintenance page, so I am simply hitting 
update once every few seconds, without changing any of the displayed values.

I have tried to look at the traffic from my PC in Ethereal, but it's 
encrypted, of course, so I'm not sure I'm reading things right.  I could 
take out the SSLEXT tag, but that would be changing the submission 
process too much, for my liking.

So...  My question is, has anyone ever worked this one out?  I see posts 
back from 2003, but they peter out pretty much after someone suggests 
blocking the possibility of double-clicking the button (not the problem).

I can build in lots of annoying checks, and may have to, but I am 
insanely keen to know why I have to do that before proceeding.

Thanks in advance, fingers crossed.


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