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From "Ferindo Middleton" <>
Subject making rules for passwords/handling password expirations in Tomcat Container Managed security
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2006 01:40:36 GMT
I'm not a Java developer but I do develop JSPs for web apps. I can
install and implement Tomcat Container managed security. Is there a
way to configure Tomcat's built-in container managed security for
requiring rules for passwords and implementing password expiration for

I'm currently using version 5.5. I was thinking that maybe with the
release of version 6, this might have been built into Tomcat
internals... Having the ability to configure this in server.xml or
something would be a pretty significant improvement I think.

I read the documentation, but it doesn't seem to cover such a feature.
Is a "how-to" on doing this documented somewhere?


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