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From Timothy Collett <>
Subject Re: Webapps inexplicably losing access to common/shared classloaders
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 13:37:56 GMT
Now, this seems to happen *every* time I stop and restart Tomcat...

I'm somewhat at a loss to see what could be put into a bad state by  
stopping and restarting Tomcat, but put back in a good state by  
restarting the computer.  Shouldn't everything be cleaned up by  
stopping Tomcat, or not cleaned up at all?

Once again, I would greatly appreciate help from anyone with *any*  
insight into this--especially if you can tell me I'm being an idiot,  
it's obviously (X setting)...

Thank you.

Timothy Collett


He who asks is a fool for five minues. He who doesn't ask is a fool  

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