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From Brian Caruso <>
Subject Re: JSessionId and Google
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2006 21:11:08 GMT
Also, you should never need to let google index a page that has a sessionid.
If google indexes a page of yours folks are going to come from a google search results 
to your page, without a session.  Any page/jsp/servlet that you need a session id on should
be in your robots.txt. 

If your page is mysteriously making sessions consider replacing getSession()
with getSession(false).  That false means don't make a session if there isn't one.

This is what RFC 1738 says about semicolons in HTTP URLs:

   Within the <path> and <searchpart> components, "/", ";", "?" are
   reserved.  The "/" character may be used within HTTP to designate a
   hierarchical structure.

I don't think that RFC 2616 adds much to these comments.

On Wednesday 06 December 2006 5:53 pm, Simon Pink wrote:
> Hi there,
> It is well noted by Google (and other search engines) that they do not like
> session tracking info as part of the URL. This does include JSessionId, and
> because Google visits your site as a cookieless user, every page indexed by
> them includes JSessionId, this is bad for numerous reasons - but the main
> reason is that Google may think you are cheating, as they are indexing the
> same page multiple times and it adversely effects your ranking.
> It is annoying as Tomcat deals with the URL according to standards, It seems
> to be everything else which doesn't. To be more precise, it is the ';' in
> the URL which servers such as Apache, and search engines and spiders like
> Google don't like much at all. By all rights Google should ignore the
> session id but it doesn't.
> Anyway, how do I turn this cookie-less tracking off for Tomcat? I would
> rather have better ranking (and not be banned) than have a minor percent of
> customers not being able to use my site. Or is there another solution that I
> have missed here?
> Kind Regards,
> Simon.
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Brian Caruso
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