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From Rashmi Rubdi <>
Subject Re: JSessionId and Google
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2006 23:03:17 GMT
Hi Simon, 

There is a debate about this topic and there are a few threads on this, in the archive.

While it is true for some that the jsessionid appears in the URL, it's not happening in my
case and 
I don't have a clear explaination as to why. 

But if you are unable to remove jsessionid from the URL, like many have suggested you can
implement a filter
or use one that's already there to remove the jsessionid.

You might find these useful:,HPIB:2005-19,HPIB:en&q=urlrewritefilter+jsessionid

I didn't have to do anything special to make the jsessionid not appear but, my application
doesn't use Struts or other MVC frameworks. All search engine bots including
Googlebot don't show URLs with jesessionid after verifying this in Tomcat's server log.

At present, it's very simple. Just a few JSPs with JSTL. Each page only sets the session.

jsessionid seems to appear only for some, for those URLs/Pages that read stuff from the session
object. and not for those that set stuff into session objects or not use session.

Some have also suggested not using sessions in jsp pages if you don't really need them. 


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From: Simon Pink <>
To: "Tomcat Mailing List (" <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 6, 2006 5:53:53 PM
Subject: JSessionId and Google

Hi there,

It is well noted by Google (and other search engines) that they do not like
session tracking info as part of the URL. This does include JSessionId, and
because Google visits your site as a cookieless user, every page indexed by
them includes JSessionId, this is bad for numerous reasons - but the main
reason is that Google may think you are cheating, as they are indexing the
same page multiple times and it adversely effects your ranking.

It is annoying as Tomcat deals with the URL according to standards, It seems
to be everything else which doesn't. To be more precise, it is the ';' in
the URL which servers such as Apache, and search engines and spiders like
Google don't like much at all. By all rights Google should ignore the
session id but it doesn't.

Anyway, how do I turn this cookie-less tracking off for Tomcat? I would
rather have better ranking (and not be banned) than have a minor percent of
customers not being able to use my site. Or is there another solution that I
have missed here?

Kind Regards,

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